Post-Cold War Champions 2016

Anyone who’s anyone will be there!

Eddie arranged for the team to make an appearance at Tech Noir, a local 80s-themed club where a lot of SPBs and SPB fans show up in costume. Unfortunately for Rebecca, it’s 18+. Fortunately (?) for her, Eddie arranged to have something happening outside the club for fans under 18.

Eddie, Sheila, Kinetic, Skyrocket, and Rebecca all arrive at the event in a limo. The car in front of them had Bast and Ullr of Salus Security Solutions. Ullr’s striking appearance elicits shrieks from fans waiting outside. His image is plastered on twice as many billboards and product labels as Skyrocket, most likely because he is the only member of Salus with a Public Identity. Sheila and Eddie exit the vehicle arm-in-arm; Eddie protectively takes Rebecca to the outdoor area while Sheila grabs Kinetic and Skyrocket and practically drags them inside.

The club is two levels, loud as a runway, with lights that are potentially seizure inducing. Skyrocket is handed a “Rocket Ship” – a mix of Skyrocket Energy Drink and Rum – by admiring fans moments after getting inside. Kinetic finds a dark corner where he can observe without getting hassled by fans. Outside, Eddie spends 15 or 20 minutes with Rebecca, to make sure she’s okay before heading inside; she’s got her Comm in case Rebecca needs anything though Sheila will be out before she can finish her request.

During the 2nd hour of the event, Kinetic spots two individuals – a male and female, probably just old enough to actually be here, but not dressed as SPBs – chatting up Ullr of Salus Security; he also notices the male pocket a glass that had been on the table, while the woman talks to Ullr. He tells Sheila, who tails them. He spots at least two more pairs of young people doing the same thing. All of them are wearing necklaces outside their clothing, though he can’t make out what it is. At almost the exact same time outside, Rebecca spots two even younger individuals chatting up a Quantum whose face but not name she recognizes, but he blows them off after a few minutes. They approach her next, try to shake her hand, but she hesitates and they apologize. They are both wearing a necklace with the design of a flame inside a sun (“redundant” she thinks to herself). They tell her about Ruth, who is starting a community for young Quantums, a place where they can talk about what it’s like and how to fit into society. They’ll meet on Monday at 7pm (they tell her the address since she won’t give out her phone number).

Kinetic asks Sheila about whether leaving early to follow any of these glass-collecting couples is worth it. She says to keep an eye on them and if they head for the door to tail them and find out where they are taking the bottles and glasses. Not long after, their bags getting full, Kinetic spots the first couple head for the door. They don’t seem to notice him follow them out. They exit the club through the front doors and turn right down the street. As Kinetic turns and sees them head down the street, he hears several voices shouting his name. There are several “gentlemen” standing near a car across the street shouting profanities at him in English and Spanish. One of them asks him whether his girlfriend, Rebecca, is available for parties. Kinetic, his cover blown, stops following the couple with the clinking bags, and heads over to stand with Rebecca. The verbal insults turn to accusations about how the three of them killed guards while attempting to stop the prison break out and how Vanguard and the cops are trying to cover it all up. A crowd of onlookers with cell phone cameras starts to gather and record the interaction. Rebecca and Kinetic say nothing to them, but contact Eddie about what’s happening. She suggests they leave before things get violent and she’ll post some videos and reports to counter their false accusations.

The remaining teams stop collecting glassware and exit the club. Skyrocket, knowing it would be near-impossible to follow them without being seen, stays until the half the patrons have left the club. He signs a few more autographs, takes a few more photos, and makes a grand exit.


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