Post-Cold War Champions 2016

No one told me there'd be homework

Rebecca decides that she will accept the invitation from the two young people who approached her at Tech Noir and attend the meeting on Monday evening in West Hollywood. Kinetic and Skyrocket will be nearby, but won’t make an appearance. All three decide to do some research on the cartel, “Ruth” and the flame within a sun necklace being worn by the young people Friday night.

Kinetic (as Aaron) contacts his sister, Kim, the Assistant D.A. and casually mentions the videos popping up about the guys shouting at the members of Vanguard. She lets them know they are likely part of Vientos de Cambio, the drug cartel that was trying to break out its leaders from prison earlier that week. The cartel is known for being violent, vengeful, and not typically concerned with minimizing collateral damage to make a point when dealing with their enemies. She thinks someone else may be calling the shots about this since two of their SPB henchmen are currently locked away in a Supermax facility; she’s concerned that if they are playing it subtle and smart now, they are planning something bigger and nastier to get even. They are trying to make Vanguard look bad and turn public opinion against them.

Eddie forwards the team links to the Vanguard site with photos from last night’s event. Seems like more than half of are of Skyrocket, but Rebecca notices a series of three photos with someone who looks like a troll standing in a crowd of young people outside the event. You can practically see the cartoon daggers coming from his eyes as he stares at the back of Rebecca’s head. However, no one around him seems to notice him at all; while unusual or monstrous Quantums are not unheard of, not all of those young people would be able to pretend they didn’t see him standing right next to them. Must be some sort of glamour or illusion she thinks.

Skyrocket’s agent finally returns his call on Sunday afternoon. He asks her to check into the necklace being worn and see what she can turn up. She calls back a couple of hours later and sends him links to six blog posts her assistant was able to find. One of them is a blog started by a new Quantum whose powers had manifested several months ago. New entries are posted with some regularity as he starts to discover his powers and decides he wants to help people. He doesn’t post his name or alias, but a few weeks in the first mention of New Light and a drawing of the flame/sun emblem makes an appearance. He’s excited about having found someone he thinks can help him find his purpose and make good use of his powers. As the weeks go by, his posts are more often about Ruth or Lilith and how he can’t wait until the next meeting. About 3 or 4 months after his blog started, new posts only appeared on Tuesdays and eventually stopped altogether. Rebecca notes that the other 5 bloggers follow a similar pattern though none of them posted much to begin with.


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