Post-Cold War Champions 2016

Pulling threads

Finally encountering Ruth and feeling the effects of her powers may have startled the team. Although she was hidden from sight, her abilities were formidable. The wounds found in Mercy, Capt Parkour were mysterious. Blood tests reveal that those individuals no longer test positive as SPBs – so any regenerative abilities are suppressed or eliminated. Capturing Ruth allowed the PCs to find an obsidian blade on her person. It appeared to be hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years old. They allow Cole to run some tests on it. His analysis reveals the blade exudes a power he can only describe as “magical” in nature. He says that after examining the victims it appears the blade leaves behind a fragment of the blade in the victim; that fragment suppresses all powers, but once removed (with the help of optics and magnification) someone with regenerative powers could conceivably recover. Most SPBs, however, would remain dead. Despite the fact the weapon gets smaller as fragments break off, he could not damage it in the lab using the equipment he has. Vanguard will keep it under lock and key for the foreseeable future.

Vanguard HQ has some news. DOSA has terminated Supermax’s registration and has approved Libra Consulting Systems to handle the existing Supermax facility as well as the new facility being built, though they will need to reimburse Supermax for materials and resources already used. Patrick says that Libra’s CEO, Laura Petersen, is a business associate of Alan Walker. Laura contacted Patrick and informed him that Vanguard would need to turn over the SPBs they had on ice and transfer them back to Supermax. Winter Systems and Sandstorm Engineering are all being investigated by DOSA now. Libra’s sponsors include Scorpion Technologies and Aries Construction – all affiliated with Alan Walker.

DOSA orders Libra to transfer the prisoners from Vanguard HQ back to the Supermax facility. The PCs accompany 3 Supermax/Libra transport vehicles to the dock where they will be ferried across the bay to the prison. Lilith and a few henchmen are waiting for them when the vehicles stop; she’s gifted them with resistance. Unfortunately for everyone, Reaper makes an appearance. He manages to kill Plague and Dr. Ego, but not Ruth. Lilith shifts her priorities to defend Ruth at all costs. She attacks everyone who gets near Ruth’s transport. The PCs manage to disarm or disable the henchman. Lilith’s powers are primarily defensive and she reflects attacks back at the PCs as well as Reaper when he gets too close to Ruth’s vehicle. Reaper manages to do some damage to everyone, but eventually gets taken down.

Moments after Reaper goes down, Alan Walker and several armored security officers are spotted riding waves toward the dock. Walker’s hydrokinetic powers appear more impressive this close to a large body of water and it’s obvious the water is enhancing his abilities. He drops his security on the dock by having the waves gently deposit them on the ground; they train their weapons on Lilith’s henchman as well as Lilith. They all have obvious cameras on their persons. Alan tells them to stand down and approaches Lilith. He’s charming and reassuring and tells her no harm will come to her or Ruth. He just wants the conflict to end and more importantly, wants to get Reaper contained before he recovers. He tells his men to help the PCs secure Reaper – basically giving them all orders though he has no true authority over the PCs – so they can place him in the arriving replacement mobile containment units which will take all the prisoners to the Supermax/Libra facility.

Alan makes a big showing of how the PCs stepped into the thick of things to defend known criminals and use non-lethal force on those attacking them. He talks mostly to Skyrocket, give his love of the media and does his best to include Rebecca in what will undoubtedly be publicity shots. He doesn’t push Kinetic and respects his desire to stay out of the spotlight. The video of Walker riding the waves to the dock make their way across social media for days following the event. A week to the day, Alan Walker schedules a press conference to reassure the public that Libra Consulting has successfully transferred responsibility of the former Supermax facility and has made numerous improvements to security with the help of Scorpion Technologies and Aries Construction and have already finished work on the new facility in Central California. Both Patrick and Skyrocket are there and are thanked by Alan personally. He looks forward to receiving any new “guests” Vanguard sends his way. Near the end of his speech, he says, almost as an afterthought, he will be stepping down from the Board of Libra and other affiliated companies. A few surprised looks and several “Whys?” are quickly answered as he announces he will be running for president!


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