Post-Cold War Champions 2016

Vanguard welcomes Rebecca Coulson!

LA Vanguard extended an offer to Rebecca Coulson, former Orange County student. Rebecca is the youngest member of Vanguard and one of the youngest members in any DOSA-Registered LLC. Rebecca’s quantum leap was well-documented, as was that of Troy Llewellyn, a football player at the high school they both attended with Ms. Abigail Hunter. Patrick Jacobsen, Vanguard’s CEO, stated that “Ms. Coulson was offered a position here because of her unique gifts and Vanguard’s long-standing mission of helping Quantums find their place in society.”

May I have your attention, please?

Assignment Background:

Public announcement of new prison being built for non-SPBs on what was Castle Air Force Base in Merced. Supermax Industries has decided to broaden its business portfolio by building this new facility. Once the new facility is completed, inmates from Atwater will be moved to the new prison.

As of 2008, local government plans to convert the dormant facility to civilian commercial use has become an active political issue. It has been identified as the preferred location for the central maintenance facility of the proposed California High-Speed Rail system.

United States Penitentiary, Atwater stands on a portion of the grounds of the former Air Force Base. The death of an inmate in 2006 sparked controversy, when the attorney of the accused argued the Federal Bureau of Prisons was partially at fault because it was not properly equipped to handle prisoners with mental health issues, among other things.

In 2011, Google leased 60 acres in order to test the development of their new project, the self-driving car. Google is also leasing a hangar at the base in order to continue testing a new project, Project Loon. Project Loon is a state of the art, balloon-powered Internet program that creates an aerial Wi-Fi Network. The Base is expecting Google to pay approximately $456,000 in rental fees for both of these projects over the course of one year. Base officials are excited for the attention the projects will bring not only to the base, but to Merced County as well.

Assignment Specifics:

Alvin Karpis, CEO of Supermax Industries is there to give the speech regarding the new prison, along with Alan Walker (local politician and hydrokineticist) and several other high-profile figures. Karpis and the others are being guarded by Salus Security (3 experts, plus VP Bast and CEO Zorya to cover Alvin and others); Walker always declines security for himself. LA Vanguard is there to provide an obvious presence and crowd control at the request of Alvin Karpis.

Event Transcript:

Kinetic, Skyrocket, and Rebecca arrive at the site 30 minutes prior to it’s scheduled start time. Kinetic and Coulson position themselves where they can observe the speakers on the stage and the crowd of reports and a few protesters. Skyrocket flies around the event perimeter. The protesters hold up signs (e.g., “Build schools not prisons”) but don’t start a scene. A few minutes into Alvin’s speech, explosions and gunfire are heard coming from the prison, about 1/2 mile from where the crowd is. Skyrocket happens to notice that Alan Walker doesn’t jump when the commotion starts and appears to activate one of his powers at the same time or even a moment before. Patrick contacts the team and tells them to head over to the prison.

Skyrocket speeds over and, using his enhanced vision, spots an SPB (using light-based attacks) and 8 men in body armor with assault rifles attacking the prison guards in one secured area. Rebecca and Kinetic head over as quickly as possible. None of the attackers spots Skyrocket and a few moments later a man dressed in coveralls and goggles disappears into a hole in the ground, which just as quickly fills itself in. Skyrocket engages the armed men, slowing 3 of them to a crawl. The Quantum and Skyrocket continue to engage from a distance until the others arrive. Kinetic knocks out the Quantum with a few well-placed shots to the head, while Rebecca teleports behind the wall of stone created by the second Quantum who emerged from underground with two men in orange jumpsuits. After taking the tunneling Quantum out the fight, the remaining armed men surrender their weapons and (unused!) grenades.


Patrick comes in over the team headsets and says that Alvin Karpis and the rest of the people from the event are heading over. Supermax’s people will take custody of the Quantums, but they should stay there and talk to the press and Karpis. Several minutes later, a line of vehicles arrives and Karpis takes the time to thank Rebecca, who was healing the wounded prison guards, and Skyrocket personally while the cameras are rolling. Kinetic hangs back and Karpis has the presence of mind not to make this into an awkward spectacle. Several minutes later, Supermax transport vehicles arrive and pack up the two Quantums as well as the 8 armed men and the two high-ranking members of the cartel, Vientos de Cambio (Winds of Change) who were being held at the prison. The two prisoners were scheduled to be transferred to another facility tomorrow morning, but no one was supposed to know this says Patrick. Reporters are eager to talk to Skyrocket – who’s equally willing to talk to them – as well as Rebecca. Photos and quotes from the interviews are posted online almost immediately.

After the Supermax vehicles and reporters are gone, a lone figure is spotted walking across the flat terrain toward everyone. Alan Walker casually walks up to Rebecca and informs her that Supermax had no jurisdiction over the non-SPBs apprehended here. Local law enforcement individuals should have taken them into custody, processes them, at which time the court would have decided which detention facility they would be sent to. Without another word, Walker turns into water, seeps into the ground and vanishes from sight.

The team confers with Patrick (who checks with their in-house counsel) and confirms Walker’s analysis. While they may have ended up at a Supermax facility, they skipped several steps in between. Skyrocket decides to follow the Supermax vehicles from the air. After following them for a while, he seems satisfied they are headed in the direction of Santa Cruz Island – location of Supermax’s SPB detention facility – rather than some secret facility.

The team members arrange for transportation home – separately – so as not to be associated with with one another publicly.

Anyone who’s anyone will be there!

Eddie arranged for the team to make an appearance at Tech Noir, a local 80s-themed club where a lot of SPBs and SPB fans show up in costume. Unfortunately for Rebecca, it’s 18+. Fortunately (?) for her, Eddie arranged to have something happening outside the club for fans under 18.

Eddie, Sheila, Kinetic, Skyrocket, and Rebecca all arrive at the event in a limo. The car in front of them had Bast and Ullr of Salus Security Solutions. Ullr’s striking appearance elicits shrieks from fans waiting outside. His image is plastered on twice as many billboards and product labels as Skyrocket, most likely because he is the only member of Salus with a Public Identity. Sheila and Eddie exit the vehicle arm-in-arm; Eddie protectively takes Rebecca to the outdoor area while Sheila grabs Kinetic and Skyrocket and practically drags them inside.

The club is two levels, loud as a runway, with lights that are potentially seizure inducing. Skyrocket is handed a “Rocket Ship” – a mix of Skyrocket Energy Drink and Rum – by admiring fans moments after getting inside. Kinetic finds a dark corner where he can observe without getting hassled by fans. Outside, Eddie spends 15 or 20 minutes with Rebecca, to make sure she’s okay before heading inside; she’s got her Comm in case Rebecca needs anything though Sheila will be out before she can finish her request.

During the 2nd hour of the event, Kinetic spots two individuals – a male and female, probably just old enough to actually be here, but not dressed as SPBs – chatting up Ullr of Salus Security; he also notices the male pocket a glass that had been on the table, while the woman talks to Ullr. He tells Sheila, who tails them. He spots at least two more pairs of young people doing the same thing. All of them are wearing necklaces outside their clothing, though he can’t make out what it is. At almost the exact same time outside, Rebecca spots two even younger individuals chatting up a Quantum whose face but not name she recognizes, but he blows them off after a few minutes. They approach her next, try to shake her hand, but she hesitates and they apologize. They are both wearing a necklace with the design of a flame inside a sun (“redundant” she thinks to herself). They tell her about Ruth, who is starting a community for young Quantums, a place where they can talk about what it’s like and how to fit into society. They’ll meet on Monday at 7pm (they tell her the address since she won’t give out her phone number).

Kinetic asks Sheila about whether leaving early to follow any of these glass-collecting couples is worth it. She says to keep an eye on them and if they head for the door to tail them and find out where they are taking the bottles and glasses. Not long after, their bags getting full, Kinetic spots the first couple head for the door. They don’t seem to notice him follow them out. They exit the club through the front doors and turn right down the street. As Kinetic turns and sees them head down the street, he hears several voices shouting his name. There are several “gentlemen” standing near a car across the street shouting profanities at him in English and Spanish. One of them asks him whether his girlfriend, Rebecca, is available for parties. Kinetic, his cover blown, stops following the couple with the clinking bags, and heads over to stand with Rebecca. The verbal insults turn to accusations about how the three of them killed guards while attempting to stop the prison break out and how Vanguard and the cops are trying to cover it all up. A crowd of onlookers with cell phone cameras starts to gather and record the interaction. Rebecca and Kinetic say nothing to them, but contact Eddie about what’s happening. She suggests they leave before things get violent and she’ll post some videos and reports to counter their false accusations.

The remaining teams stop collecting glassware and exit the club. Skyrocket, knowing it would be near-impossible to follow them without being seen, stays until the half the patrons have left the club. He signs a few more autographs, takes a few more photos, and makes a grand exit.

No one told me there'd be homework

Rebecca decides that she will accept the invitation from the two young people who approached her at Tech Noir and attend the meeting on Monday evening in West Hollywood. Kinetic and Skyrocket will be nearby, but won’t make an appearance. All three decide to do some research on the cartel, “Ruth” and the flame within a sun necklace being worn by the young people Friday night.

Kinetic (as Aaron) contacts his sister, Kim, the Assistant D.A. and casually mentions the videos popping up about the guys shouting at the members of Vanguard. She lets them know they are likely part of Vientos de Cambio, the drug cartel that was trying to break out its leaders from prison earlier that week. The cartel is known for being violent, vengeful, and not typically concerned with minimizing collateral damage to make a point when dealing with their enemies. She thinks someone else may be calling the shots about this since two of their SPB henchmen are currently locked away in a Supermax facility; she’s concerned that if they are playing it subtle and smart now, they are planning something bigger and nastier to get even. They are trying to make Vanguard look bad and turn public opinion against them.

Eddie forwards the team links to the Vanguard site with photos from last night’s event. Seems like more than half of are of Skyrocket, but Rebecca notices a series of three photos with someone who looks like a troll standing in a crowd of young people outside the event. You can practically see the cartoon daggers coming from his eyes as he stares at the back of Rebecca’s head. However, no one around him seems to notice him at all; while unusual or monstrous Quantums are not unheard of, not all of those young people would be able to pretend they didn’t see him standing right next to them. Must be some sort of glamour or illusion she thinks.

Skyrocket’s agent finally returns his call on Sunday afternoon. He asks her to check into the necklace being worn and see what she can turn up. She calls back a couple of hours later and sends him links to six blog posts her assistant was able to find. One of them is a blog started by a new Quantum whose powers had manifested several months ago. New entries are posted with some regularity as he starts to discover his powers and decides he wants to help people. He doesn’t post his name or alias, but a few weeks in the first mention of New Light and a drawing of the flame/sun emblem makes an appearance. He’s excited about having found someone he thinks can help him find his purpose and make good use of his powers. As the weeks go by, his posts are more often about Ruth or Lilith and how he can’t wait until the next meeting. About 3 or 4 months after his blog started, new posts only appeared on Tuesdays and eventually stopped altogether. Rebecca notes that the other 5 bloggers follow a similar pattern though none of them posted much to begin with.

Welcome to New Light! Let us help you find your purpose!

Rebecca had checked Google Street View and the building where the meeting was being held was in West Hollywood and had a “Contact Jerry for Leasing Info” on the window. When Uber drops her off and she enters the lobby, half the building appears to be unoccupied assuming the directory is current. Kinetic is on the roof of the building across the street watching, while Skyrocket is a few hundred feet away on the other side of the building waiting and watching the rear entrance.

Rebecca takes the elevator up to the 5th floor to suite 520. There are no signs on the door so she slowly opens the door. There are five young people sitting on folding chairs in a semi-circle in front of an older woman with graying hair. There are two empty chairs. The conversation ends as she enters and they all greet her warmly. The older woman introduces herself as Lilith and the others introduce themselves in turn. Caitlyn and Dylan are both wearing necklaces with the emblem. Lilith is as well though hers looks older and handmade.

  • Caitlyn (healer – nurse. Has been coming for some time and is very excited to be here today. She really looks forward to these meetings!!11)
  • Dylan (martial artist – student. Has been coming as long as Caitlyn. Has gone the vigilante route at nights. Very happy to be here today.)
  • Harlan (Emotion Control – Salesperson. Has been coming for a week or two and is trying really hard not to use his powers to convince people to buy things they don’t need.)
  • Zoe (Images – Artist. Has only been coming a few weeks and doesn’t know what she could do with her gifts.)
  • Emily (is not ready to talk and no one pressures her to)

To Rebecca, Lilith appears to be anywhere between 40 and 60. After the new recruits finish their tales, Lilith does most of the talking and tends to ramble a bit. What Rebecca does find interesting is hearing: 1) Ruth’s last name (Whitecliff), 2) 1993 being the year that the original group founded by Ruth’s mentor and leader, David, was torn apart by the government, and that 3) in 2003, Ruth decided to continue following the path started by David but to be more welcoming. Lilith also mentions that she hopes to one day be able to start her own group and help Ruth’s teachings spread more quickly to the growing number of Quantums, many of whom desperately need guidance.

As Lilith prepares to end the meeting, Caitlyn and Dylan quickly get up and stand before Lilith. She takes their hands and says something quietly to each of them and then does the same for Harlan and Zoe. Rebecca notices that Lilith is visibly tired after these 4 brief interactions, but each of them are very excited to “get out there and help the people of the city.” Emily declines – she is not comfortable with what’s happening here – but is polite about it. Rebecca hesitates a moment, but approaches Lilith. Slight retcon incoming! Lilith takes both of Rebecca’s hands and says, “Take this gift only of your own free will.” She smiles and tells Rebecca that until midnight tonight, Rebecca can use the power Lilith has granted her – she need only think about her body being protected from physical harm and will a small bit of her energy into it to become even more resistant to physical harm than she already is. After that, she tells everyone where next Monday’s meeting will take place and leaves.

Emily waits a few minutes then leaves the room. Caitlyn and Dylan ask whether anyone would like to join them as they patrol the city tonight. Zoe and Harlan say they’re not quite ready to go out with two much more experienced people, but plan on going somewhere a bit more remote and trying out Lilith’s gift. Rebecca contacts Kinetic and Skyrocket and lets them know what’s happening. She decides to follow Emily and talk to her. Emily agrees to talk to her at a nearby coffee shop. Emily is no more forthcoming about her abilities, but says she doesn’t really trust Lilith or New Light in general. She says that both Caitlyn and Dylan talk and act like junkies – Emily has known more than her share over the years and it’s all too familiar. She’s heard them both say that they try to meet Lilith in between the Monday meetings – at least once and more if they can. She’s never met Ruth, but Lilith creeps her out despite how nice she seems so there’s no way she’s coming back again.

Kinetic sees the two wanna-be vigilantes appear on the roof of the building, put on their masks, then part ways. Dylan uses his Parkour! skills to makes his way down to the street and start his patrol; he spends hours patrolling the streets and rooftops but finds nothing. He doesn’t even give his audience the satisfaction of leaping into a wall before giving up and getting his bag from the roof of the building.

Skyrocket follows Caitlyn, who had floated down to the street and is now using her healing abilities on the homeless and injured people living on the streets. He sees her regrowing the limbs of amputees! He decides to land so he can talk to her. She recognizes him, and after the initial surprise talks to him a bit about her powers and how she is trying to help. She mentions that she’s been coming to the meetings for a while and both she and Dylan have grown very attached to Lilith. Sometimes, they contact her and meet with her between Monday meetings so they can continue their work. She feels much safer coming out here by herself knowing she can draw on Lilith’s protective power as she has almost no defensive abilities of her own. Skyrocket gives her his card and tells her to contact him should she ever need anything.

The PCs head back to their respective homes to try their Google-fu. Rebecca almost gives up but remembers there’s more than one page of results and finds a Wikipedia entry that catches her eye. The Waco siege took place in 1993 and involved David Koresh (formerly Vernon Howell) and a Ruth Whitecliff. According to the entry, David was suspected of being an SPB, but no one could confirm it. Ruth was one of the few people known to have escaped the raid unscathed though her husband was killed. She supposedly witnessed another member kill David before turning the gun on himself, though she refused to discuss it with investigators or the FBI. She was convicted on firearms charges, but released early after the Supreme Court reversed an earlier decision. The Wikipedia page references “New Light” as an audio tape David had released stating he was to start a “House of David” of his “special people”.

A Thorn in Your Side

Four days after the Tech Noir event (Tuesday morning), the team gets a call to hurry over to base as they are needed to take care of some environmental terrorists whose antics have caused a cave-in at a site. Workers are trapped underground and rescue crews can’t get to them until the terrorists have been dealt with.

The terrorists include Blitz, Thorn, and Bulldozer. They are here because of the recent activity digging up the site when it should be closed down as it’s a Superfund site (14501 LAVA CAP MINE ROAD, NEVADA CITY, CA 95959).Thorn and Bulldozer are livid, Blitz is just there to get paid and has been hoping to run into Kinetic for some payback.

The PCs subdue the 3 and rescue the miners. Supermax is contacted to come pick them up, but the head honchos from Sandstorm show up first in their helicopter. When confronted about why their people are at a Superfund site, they claim they are doing remediation – nothing to see here, folks.

Supermax shows up not long after with their cryo-vats to take the 3 SPBs away. They wait for the PCs to leave, but when they don’t there’s some quick discussion amongst the Supermax employees and they are seen rounding up the miners and herding them into the Supermax chopper. One or two of the miners try to walk away but are forcibly restrained and walked into the chopper.

The PCs won’t stand for that and get in their way. Although one of the guards tries to intimidate Rebecca, he doesn’t have a chance with nothing more than his size and a baton. The guards let the miners go, while the PCs wait for them to head to their cars and leave and for Supermax to leave the area with the 3 SPBs they came for.

Sandstorm Engineering personnel (Paul, Eric) are alerted to the situation with Thorn and the others and are on their way to the site for “damage control” and to make sure Vanguard doesn’t get too interested in what’s going on here. Thorn, however, has already spilled the beans. He started monologuing during the fight, telling anyone who would stop to listen about how the soil here was being carted away to be used to construct the new prison and how three recent SPB parolees from Supermax ended up dead not long after they were released. Thorn’s ravings end abruptly as he remembers there are SPBs here to stop what he started and he resumes his attack.

When the team gets back to HQ, they start looking to see if what Thorn was saying had any merit. They learn that George Bennett, parole board director at Supermax, signed the release, and used to live in Texas in 1993, around age 55, started working for Supermax in 2003. He lives in Santa Cruz. They find sun/flame crest on his house. Ed Johnson & Frank Dobbs are also on the parole board.

The SPBs Thorn mentioned were released 3 months ago and all died within 3 days. PCs have asked Vanguard to get additional info on the SPBs who died. Official autopsy reports will show that none showed defensive wounds of any kind. One apparently died of what looked like a self-inflicted wound (mental/emotional powers), though the first shot grazed his head. The weapon used was manufactured in Texas in 1989. The other two (both strong characters) died from what appears to be a blade inserted into the base of their skulls. No weapon was ever found. The man who died of the gunshot wound also had a wound at the base of his skull, but it was not the cause of death.

Should have left well enough alone

Skyrocket wants to do an intervention with Mercy and Capt Parkour. Caitlyn (healer – nurse), Dylan (martial artist – student), Zoe (Images – Artist) are all reachable. They agree to stay home on Thursday rather than go to the meeting with Lilith. They also agree to be reserve team members when the PCs head out to pay George Bennett a visit.

Emily (Technomancer – Student) talked to Rebecca and was creeped out by the whole thing and said she would never come back. Harlan (Emotion Control – Salesperson) hadn’t been seen by the others recently; they suspect he fell under Lilith and Ruth’s spell.

George Bennett plays it cool when the PCs arrive. He’s pretty loyal to Ruth and Lilith and has been part of New Light since 2003. He knows that Ruth has been eliminating these SPB criminals and has been happy to play a part in the whole thing; he’s lost family members to SPB collateral damage and wants to see them all go away. Unfortunately, he hasn’t totally thought this whole thing out and hasn’t given much thought to why Ruth, an SPB herself, would want to destroy others of her kind.

Not long after arriving, they spot an Escalade approaching their location. Two suits (one bodyguard and one executive) and 3 SPBs arrive, including two they first saw at the prison break attempt – Lightshow and Madriguera, the tunneler. This is the team’s first encounter with Reaper. Skyrocket picks up on communications between team members and as Reaper’s thirst for blood becomes painfully obvious, the executive commands Reaper to come to his side and defend him. Reaper teleports to the executive, apparently as commanded, then guts the executive. He tells George that he “knows about Ruth” and teleports away.

After some friendly discussion with the executive (Rebecca heals him and saves him from death), the team learns that Supermax has been “reprogramming” prisoners. The team stuck their noses where they didn’t belong. Had they just done their jobs and stopped the eco-terrorists and then gone home, no one would have cared. But they had now seen Supermax shuffle off normals on two occasions. They couldn’t be trusted to keep their mouths closed. Investigating the deaths of recent parolees was not something they expected, so this team of three was sent to deal with them. The plan was to release the 3 ex-convicts into society and see how the Transform worked on them. They were obviously upset when their investments were found dead. They thought they could handle Reaper, but didn’t realize his regeneration ability would allow him to recover so quickly from the reprogramming.

What do you mean, they're gone?!

After conferring with Vanguard HQ, they pull some strings and decide to make a move on Supermax itself, but the non-confrontational way.
They go in with a search warrant the next morning and with 2 DOSA representatives, Jeremy Franks and Eleanore Smythe. The PCs will be escorted into a room where SPBs are kept in hibernation. A Supermax Executive will show them the records indicating the 3 who attacked them are still on ice.
Unfortunately, all 22 villains are missing from their cases. The warden and attorney knew nothing about it. The computer system indicates there were all still in there. The Warden thinks Winter Systems must be involved – they created the containment system and the monitoring software. The DOSA representatives contact their HQ to report their findings and to take temporary control of the facility while everything is sorted out. Supermax can no longer be trusted nor can its business partners.

The PCs text Mercy, Image Girl, and Capt Parkour who reply and say they are at her place. They head over only to find them sitting in chairs, lifeless. Skyrocket detects the phone signal is coming from upstairs even though they are sitting in front of them.

Primeforce, Dr. Ego, and Plague attack them, coming down the stairs of the two-story condo.
Doc from Salus Security Solutions comes by to heal Rebecca and Skyrocket; conducts a post-mortem on the 3 young heroes. Says they would was caused by a stone weapon and that they no longer appear to be SPBs based on their blood. The two criminals released will show the same result; the one who died of a gunshot wound does not appear the same.

Primeforce sends Rebecca a text message asking them to meet them in Long Beach at Army National Guard facility. Ed Black, Primeforce, and Ruth herself are there waiting for them. Ruth projects an Image of a soldier walking to distract the heroes, while Ed and Primeforce try to take them out. Ruth Mindscans Kinetic and then uses her Telepathy to gain information about him and the team. After seeing her minions get subdued, she Mind Controls Kinetic and convinces him to tell Rebecca and Skyrocket that she is running away and they should head away from the base to chase her down. This distraction does’t work long enough for her to get away unseen. Skyrocket’s speed gets him away from the location for a while, but not long enough for Ruth to make her escape. Unfortunately for her, she has no real movement powers and her hesitation results in her getting knocked unconscious along with Primeforce and Ed Black. Vanguard moves them to their facility temporarily while things are sorted out back at the Supermax facility.

Pulling threads

Finally encountering Ruth and feeling the effects of her powers may have startled the team. Although she was hidden from sight, her abilities were formidable. The wounds found in Mercy, Capt Parkour were mysterious. Blood tests reveal that those individuals no longer test positive as SPBs – so any regenerative abilities are suppressed or eliminated. Capturing Ruth allowed the PCs to find an obsidian blade on her person. It appeared to be hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years old. They allow Cole to run some tests on it. His analysis reveals the blade exudes a power he can only describe as “magical” in nature. He says that after examining the victims it appears the blade leaves behind a fragment of the blade in the victim; that fragment suppresses all powers, but once removed (with the help of optics and magnification) someone with regenerative powers could conceivably recover. Most SPBs, however, would remain dead. Despite the fact the weapon gets smaller as fragments break off, he could not damage it in the lab using the equipment he has. Vanguard will keep it under lock and key for the foreseeable future.

Vanguard HQ has some news. DOSA has terminated Supermax’s registration and has approved Libra Consulting Systems to handle the existing Supermax facility as well as the new facility being built, though they will need to reimburse Supermax for materials and resources already used. Patrick says that Libra’s CEO, Laura Petersen, is a business associate of Alan Walker. Laura contacted Patrick and informed him that Vanguard would need to turn over the SPBs they had on ice and transfer them back to Supermax. Winter Systems and Sandstorm Engineering are all being investigated by DOSA now. Libra’s sponsors include Scorpion Technologies and Aries Construction – all affiliated with Alan Walker.

DOSA orders Libra to transfer the prisoners from Vanguard HQ back to the Supermax facility. The PCs accompany 3 Supermax/Libra transport vehicles to the dock where they will be ferried across the bay to the prison. Lilith and a few henchmen are waiting for them when the vehicles stop; she’s gifted them with resistance. Unfortunately for everyone, Reaper makes an appearance. He manages to kill Plague and Dr. Ego, but not Ruth. Lilith shifts her priorities to defend Ruth at all costs. She attacks everyone who gets near Ruth’s transport. The PCs manage to disarm or disable the henchman. Lilith’s powers are primarily defensive and she reflects attacks back at the PCs as well as Reaper when he gets too close to Ruth’s vehicle. Reaper manages to do some damage to everyone, but eventually gets taken down.

Moments after Reaper goes down, Alan Walker and several armored security officers are spotted riding waves toward the dock. Walker’s hydrokinetic powers appear more impressive this close to a large body of water and it’s obvious the water is enhancing his abilities. He drops his security on the dock by having the waves gently deposit them on the ground; they train their weapons on Lilith’s henchman as well as Lilith. They all have obvious cameras on their persons. Alan tells them to stand down and approaches Lilith. He’s charming and reassuring and tells her no harm will come to her or Ruth. He just wants the conflict to end and more importantly, wants to get Reaper contained before he recovers. He tells his men to help the PCs secure Reaper – basically giving them all orders though he has no true authority over the PCs – so they can place him in the arriving replacement mobile containment units which will take all the prisoners to the Supermax/Libra facility.

Alan makes a big showing of how the PCs stepped into the thick of things to defend known criminals and use non-lethal force on those attacking them. He talks mostly to Skyrocket, give his love of the media and does his best to include Rebecca in what will undoubtedly be publicity shots. He doesn’t push Kinetic and respects his desire to stay out of the spotlight. The video of Walker riding the waves to the dock make their way across social media for days following the event. A week to the day, Alan Walker schedules a press conference to reassure the public that Libra Consulting has successfully transferred responsibility of the former Supermax facility and has made numerous improvements to security with the help of Scorpion Technologies and Aries Construction and have already finished work on the new facility in Central California. Both Patrick and Skyrocket are there and are thanked by Alan personally. He looks forward to receiving any new “guests” Vanguard sends his way. Near the end of his speech, he says, almost as an afterthought, he will be stepping down from the Board of Libra and other affiliated companies. A few surprised looks and several “Whys?” are quickly answered as he announces he will be running for president!


April 1, 2016 is the day of the press conference and when Alan Walker announces his intention to run for President. A few weeks later, after all the paperwork is filed, he names Rod Santoro as his VP.

May 15, 2016 Kinetic leaves Vanguard. The press coverage after being there for Alan’s announcement becomes unbearable for him. The types of jobs the team are picking up skew bodyguarding for celebrities and picking up new Quantums. While the number of low-level Quantums appearing seemed to be increasing the last few months, they have mostly been unstable and end up incarcerated. The PR assignments were barely tolerable a few months ago, but it’s outside Kinetic’s comfort zone now.

June 1, 2016 Apollo joins Vanguard. Eddie and Sheila contacted him directly, creating a bit of a tabloid sensation.

June 6, 2016: Alan Walker visits the JPL facility and tells the audience that his vision for the U.S. is to establish a Mars colony which will be used to launch mining ships to nearby asteroids. He is hoping to inspire entrepreneurs to “think outside the globe” and encourages Quantums with abilities that make surviving harsh environments to partner with these companies to improve life on Earth.


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