Creating your character

The characters will be SPBs (aka Quantums) that are part of the Los Angeles-based Super Powered Group, the LA Vanguard. Pretty much any powers are available appropriate to the time period (2016). Unlike the Cold War Champions campaign, gadgeteers are an option. The prevalence of gadgeteers has increased slightly as the number of Quantums has increased. While their powers are not fully understood, it appears to be a type of reality warping; reverse engineering their gadgets has not yet yielded tech which can be reproduced. Their tech can typically be created and used by team members so they are in high demand (non-gadgeteers carrying such items will need GM approval).

Unlike the 1980s Cold War Champions game, the style for this campaign will be more four-color – where PCs are more “heroic” – rather than a Dark Champions game where lethal force is more common. With all of the media attention that heroes (public and secret ID alike) get and how much attention is paid to them, I think lethal force will be less commonly used by heroes, or at least only used in dire situations or against non-living threats. DOSA-registered organizations are held to strict standards; it does the government no good to have private organizations representing them only to create more controversy than before. Unfortunately for the PCs, their opponents may not have any sort of compunction about using lethal force when the mood strikes.

The general theme of the campaign is just adding SPBs to the existing events since late 2015/early 2016, so most of the events of the time period will have also happened in the fictional setting. Minor changes have been made to historical events to incorporate the impact SPBs have had on history.

Character Type Guidelines

Character TypeTotal PointsMatching ComplicationsMaximum Points per Category
Standard Superheroic4007540

Character Design Guidelines

Superheroic CharactersCharacteristic-OrientedSkill-OrientedPower-Oriented
Skills, Perks, and Talents5014050

The Character Design Guidelines are only suggestions. They do not represent any sort of limit, nor is a character required to conform to one of the listed categories.

Character Ability Guidelines

Ability TypeStandard SuperheroicHigh-Powered Superheroic
Combat Value7-138-14
Damage Class6-1410-16
Active Points40-8050-90
Skill Points25-8030-90
Skill Roll11- to 15-11- to 16-
Def / rDef20-25 / 12-1825-35 / 15-30

The Character Ability Guidelines are typical ranges. Most of a character’s abilities should fall within the Standard Superheroic ranges. A few signature abilities can exceed the ranges, but should stay under the upper limit of the High-Powered ranges. If you want an ability above the High-Powered upper limit, you will need GM approval.

Everyman Skills

Native Language (4 points worth, includes literacy)
One PS at 11-
TF: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles
AK: Home state/city/region 8-

Everyman Perks


Equipment Considerations

Because the campaign is superheroic, characters must pay points for equipment. However, some equipment necessary for the day-to-day operation of the Group may be supplied by the Group (i.e., LA Vanguard). For instance, communication equipment (cell phones with Bluetooth) allowing characters to communicate with HQ is not out of the question. The exception is weapons and defenses—even if the character only uses LA Vanguard-issued firearms and real-world body armor they must purchase the appropriate power(s); such items may also require GM approval.

Characters can purchase equipment with points if they want their own equipment in addition to LA Vanguard-issued equipment. Equipment is limited to period-appropriate items unless the character is a gadgeteer. If your background calls for gadgeteer-created equipment and your character is not one, we can discuss it.

Skill Considerations

TBD. Super Powered Group members will be called on upon to participate in a variety of activities based on DOSA's organizational profile. I'm still working on this.

Background Considerations


Creating your character

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