Lethal Drug Turns Murderer into Superhuman

By Robert Reinhold of the New York Times

HUNTSVILLE, TX — Charles Brooks, Jr. and his accomplice, Woody Loudres, were convicted of murdering a man. Neither man would admit to who fired the shot that killed him. Loudres was sentenced to 40 years, while Brooks was sentenced to death – the first man to be executed by lethal injection in Texas.

Mr. Brooks was generally considered bright and personable. He was raised by a comparatively well-off family in Fort Worth, the son of the late Charles Brooks Sr., who held a well-paying job at a meatpacking company in Fort Worth. The father reportedly lavished presents and affection on his son. The boy was a star football player and popular personality at I.M. Terrell High School. The younger Mr. Brooks married his high-school sweetheart and fathered two sons, now in college.

He was said to have been resigned to the execution. He offered little resistance when taken to the death chamber at the old red-brick Walls unit of the prison complex.

However, the injection that was supposed to end Brooks’ life triggered his Quantum ability. As the drug cocktail entered his bloodstream, he looked up, wheezed, and then appeared to expire. Less than five seconds later, he opened his eyes, snapped the straps on his gurney, pulled the tubes from his arm, and sat up. Prison guards entered the room moments later and fired their weapons. The bullets did nothing to him. Charles Brooks looked at his girlfriend, Vanessa, told her he loved her again, then turned and kicked a hole in the wall. Prison guards along the tower shot at him, but Mr. Brooks shrugged them off, ripped holes in the fences surrounding the perimeter and evaded capture.

In the months following Mr. Brooks’ transformation and escape, the vigilante known as Nasir has sometimes been seen helping and protecting the citizens of Tarrant county. Despite the mask, witness descriptions suggest Nasir and Charles Brooks are the same person and the vigilante appears to take care not to seriously injure citizens, even armed criminals.


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