Post-Cold War Champions 2016

Should have left well enough alone

Skyrocket wants to do an intervention with Mercy and Capt Parkour. Caitlyn (healer – nurse), Dylan (martial artist – student), Zoe (Images – Artist) are all reachable. They agree to stay home on Thursday rather than go to the meeting with Lilith. They also agree to be reserve team members when the PCs head out to pay George Bennett a visit.

Emily (Technomancer – Student) talked to Rebecca and was creeped out by the whole thing and said she would never come back. Harlan (Emotion Control – Salesperson) hadn’t been seen by the others recently; they suspect he fell under Lilith and Ruth’s spell.

George Bennett plays it cool when the PCs arrive. He’s pretty loyal to Ruth and Lilith and has been part of New Light since 2003. He knows that Ruth has been eliminating these SPB criminals and has been happy to play a part in the whole thing; he’s lost family members to SPB collateral damage and wants to see them all go away. Unfortunately, he hasn’t totally thought this whole thing out and hasn’t given much thought to why Ruth, an SPB herself, would want to destroy others of her kind.

Not long after arriving, they spot an Escalade approaching their location. Two suits (one bodyguard and one executive) and 3 SPBs arrive, including two they first saw at the prison break attempt – Lightshow and Madriguera, the tunneler. This is the team’s first encounter with Reaper. Skyrocket picks up on communications between team members and as Reaper’s thirst for blood becomes painfully obvious, the executive commands Reaper to come to his side and defend him. Reaper teleports to the executive, apparently as commanded, then guts the executive. He tells George that he “knows about Ruth” and teleports away.

After some friendly discussion with the executive (Rebecca heals him and saves him from death), the team learns that Supermax has been “reprogramming” prisoners. The team stuck their noses where they didn’t belong. Had they just done their jobs and stopped the eco-terrorists and then gone home, no one would have cared. But they had now seen Supermax shuffle off normals on two occasions. They couldn’t be trusted to keep their mouths closed. Investigating the deaths of recent parolees was not something they expected, so this team of three was sent to deal with them. The plan was to release the 3 ex-convicts into society and see how the Transform worked on them. They were obviously upset when their investments were found dead. They thought they could handle Reaper, but didn’t realize his regeneration ability would allow him to recover so quickly from the reprogramming.


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