Alan Walker

Hydrokineticist, entrepreneur, and politician


Alan Walker lives in Central California. His powers involve the manipulation of water and weather to a lesser degree. He has often moved water underground to the surface, allowing him to water crops that would otherwise have died and has been known to coalesce moisture in the air to make it rain over large farms. He does not do this for free, however. His powers are more formidable when near a body of water. For example, he was able to use ocean waves to transport his security personnel across the bay while he appeared to hover over the water.


Alan has ties to Libra Consulting Systems (took over Supermax prisons in Mar 2016) as well as Scorpion Technologies and Aries Construction. His popularity skyrocketed (no pun intended) after the events at the dock where Ruth and her second in command, Lilith, were subdued and Reaper was once again in custody. He decided to ride that wave (pun intended) and announced his run for the White House at the end of March 2016. He did step down from the Boards of Libra, Scorpion, and Aries prior to his announcement.

Alan Walker

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