Post-Cold War Champions 2016

What do you mean, they're gone?!

After conferring with Vanguard HQ, they pull some strings and decide to make a move on Supermax itself, but the non-confrontational way.
They go in with a search warrant the next morning and with 2 DOSA representatives, Jeremy Franks and Eleanore Smythe. The PCs will be escorted into a room where SPBs are kept in hibernation. A Supermax Executive will show them the records indicating the 3 who attacked them are still on ice.
Unfortunately, all 22 villains are missing from their cases. The warden and attorney knew nothing about it. The computer system indicates there were all still in there. The Warden thinks Winter Systems must be involved – they created the containment system and the monitoring software. The DOSA representatives contact their HQ to report their findings and to take temporary control of the facility while everything is sorted out. Supermax can no longer be trusted nor can its business partners.

The PCs text Mercy, Image Girl, and Capt Parkour who reply and say they are at her place. They head over only to find them sitting in chairs, lifeless. Skyrocket detects the phone signal is coming from upstairs even though they are sitting in front of them.

Primeforce, Dr. Ego, and Plague attack them, coming down the stairs of the two-story condo.
Doc from Salus Security Solutions comes by to heal Rebecca and Skyrocket; conducts a post-mortem on the 3 young heroes. Says they would was caused by a stone weapon and that they no longer appear to be SPBs based on their blood. The two criminals released will show the same result; the one who died of a gunshot wound does not appear the same.

Primeforce sends Rebecca a text message asking them to meet them in Long Beach at Army National Guard facility. Ed Black, Primeforce, and Ruth herself are there waiting for them. Ruth projects an Image of a soldier walking to distract the heroes, while Ed and Primeforce try to take them out. Ruth Mindscans Kinetic and then uses her Telepathy to gain information about him and the team. After seeing her minions get subdued, she Mind Controls Kinetic and convinces him to tell Rebecca and Skyrocket that she is running away and they should head away from the base to chase her down. This distraction does’t work long enough for her to get away unseen. Skyrocket’s speed gets him away from the location for a while, but not long enough for Ruth to make her escape. Unfortunately for her, she has no real movement powers and her hesitation results in her getting knocked unconscious along with Primeforce and Ed Black. Vanguard moves them to their facility temporarily while things are sorted out back at the Supermax facility.


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